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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Officer, I can explain everything...

Today I was out on my motorcycle running a few errands. Suddenly the bike started losing power. I turned the throttle, and to my horror, the throttle just spun freely. The throttle cable was broken.

I pulled off the road and considered my options. As I was just a few miles from home (God must have been watching over me - it could have broken one of those times last week when I was in rush hour traffic on I-75 or 50 miles from home!) and the RPM would come up a bit with the choke on, I decided to just limp that bike home.

I was able to manage maybe 30 mph downhill, about 20 uphill. While I was heading back, a cop pulled me over. She seemed partly worried for my safety, but it looked like she may have been worried that I was trying to drive with no license or something. She checked my license before sending me on my way - I was maybe 2 miles from home by then.

Well, now it's off to see if I can get a new throttle cable for it. Hopefully ValuCycle or the local Honda dealer will have one in stock. Ah, the joys of owning a 27 year old bike.

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