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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Ok, I'm down to one leak.

Today, I fixed that pesky fitting on the Dart's high pressure fuel pump. The pump is a Carter unit, originally made for Ford F-series pickups and vans in the late '80s. I had tried making a fitting for this pump at home, only to find it leaked.

Yesterday, I drove over to Summit Racing and picked up a pair of fittings. Ideally, I would have liked to get a -3 AN male to -6 AN male fitting. But I wasn't able to find such a thing, so I went with a -3AN male to -4 AN female fitting and a -4 AN male to -6 AN male reducer. I put an O-ring around the -3 AN threads (AN connections do not seal thread to thread like pipe threads; you need either an O-ring or a flare to seal one of these connections) and screwed it into the fuel pump outlet. Although Ford did not use a true AN fitting on this pump, the threads are the same. This combination worked perfectly.

Now I just have one faulty set of inverted flare connections to fix in the fuel system.

I also took a look at the connection on the ignition key to see if I had somehow accidentally disconnected the starting wire. Nope, the wires are all on one connector there. I'll have to give that a closer look once I have all the fuel lines leak free.


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