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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Planning the upgrades to the Dart's existing wiring

As I mentioned before, I want to upgrade the Dart's existing wiring, as the designers never expected anyone to use the charging system to power a fuel injection system. So today I went through the 1966 Dodge factory service manual (I bought mine at Year One, if you're wondering where you can gett hem) and looked over the wiring diagrams. Looks like the only wires I will have to upgrade are the R6 (the black wire that runs from the alternator to one terminal on the ammeter) and the segment of A1 (the red battery wire) that runs under the dash to the other terminal of the ammeter. I'll go with 8 gauge on both. Then I can just put the Megasquirt power wire on the alternator terminal of the ammeter. Looks like this should be pretty simple... except I'm not sure if I will be able to get the pins out of the original bulkhead connector. I may just get a small bulkhead connector and double up the wires instead of removing the originals.


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