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Saturday, September 16, 2006


The CX500 is back together.

Well, I got the CX500 back together and running. The turn signals took just a little troubleshooting - I hadn't realized that the black wire on motorcycle turn signals is also grounded. And I put the Emgo fairing on. I wasn't particularly impressed with the quality of this fairing - there was one spot where it looked like a worker had grabbed it before the plastic was cool enough to handle, some of the windshield mounting holes did not line up with its windshield, and the Emgo stamping was crooked.

Not that the brackets I'd jury rigged were much better, as the fairing doesn't quite look like it's on there straight (Note: Even if I did have standard Emgo brackets, I doubt they would have fit a standard CX500. The headlight mounting screws are in a really weird place.). Oh well... like I said earlier, it's a beat up old bike and I don't really have to care about it looking perfect. Here's a few pictures of how the CX500 looks now as a cafe racer. Well, sort of a cafe racer - for the complete look I'd want to switch seats and remove the luggage rack, but this bike is meant to be practical if nothing else.

The EMGO fairing on a CX500CX500 cafe racer?


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