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Friday, October 06, 2006


The Dart hits the road!

While it only went two miles or so for tuning, this is the first time my Dart has been on public roads under its own power in over two years. I've just begun tuning it, and it's already driving better than it ever did with the Holley four barrel.

There are a few downsides - that crude air intake keeps having one of its parts come loose, the exhaust scrapes on the pavement, and I really need new tires. So I suspect there's a trip to the muffler and tire shop in its very near future.

The intake was somethin I just threw together to get it running; I'd planned to put in something entirely new once I got an intercooler on there. I've been having a tough time figuring out how I will route the hoses - I suspect there's a battery relocation kit in the cards.


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