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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


More outsourced tasks

Today I picked up the Dart at the tire shop and took it over to Mighty Muffler. The fabricators there looked a little bit worried about how they'd make the exhaust fit, but in the end concluded they could rig up a 2 1/4" exhaust with a Flowmaster muffler for a little under $500. That will make it the second most expensive thing in my turbo setup after the machine work on the intake manifold. But given how much trouble I had making a jury-rigged downpipe on my cheap exhaust, it's worth it to me. I know they aren't going to have an easy time in the engine compartment.

One thing I did notice was that it looked like they wanted to route the exhaust fairly close to the spin-on fuel filter. In retrospect, maybe taking up much of the area in front of the rear axle with fuel system components wasn't quite the best idea. I may want to put some heat insulation on the exhaust or the filter, but I'll have to take a look once they get the final exhaust into place. (And if it looks like a fire hazard more than a performance threat, I'm definitely not driving it out of the shop until they fix it!)

It'll be nice not to worry about dragging the exhaust on the pavement.


So, out of curiosity, how much have you spent on your Dart so far?
LOL at dragging the exhaust on the ground hehe

Yes good question Matt - still they are neat cars :)
eww, I hate that noise. Speed bumps are not your mufflers friend!
Sounds like it's really comming along though.
I wish I knew something about cars so that I could say something intelligent...I don't, though, so all I can offer is: Will you be keeping it white, or will you re-paint it? :)
I want to see some sort of MRI or CT scan of your brain. I really do.
I don't know very much about cars other than I really like it when they work! Dragging the exhaust on the ground...not a good thing!

You must really love this car in order to put so much work and effort into it.
I keep thinking of an older librarian I knew that drove an ancient Dart when I was in High School. They quit making them sometime before that even. Your's has to be well preserved! 35 year ago?
I also do not know anything about a car. All I know is about their market share in Asia. Dart is from Toyota or GM?
I have vivid memories of time spent in a Dart. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Bayou Bill
gas station islands aren't friends of mufflers either. trust me, my mother drove over one once.
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