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Friday, October 13, 2006


Some attention for the Nissan

While I've been putting a lot of work into the Dart and it's now actually capable of rolling about under its own power, the Nissan needs a bit of work too. Its rear axle is so worn that I can hit the gas and have the axle clunk hard enough to make the CD player skip. Yesterday I stopped by Newton Auto Salvage and picked up a rear axle in much better shape. This one has almost no backlash in the gears, but I really should go through its brakes before putting it in.

Newton Auto Salvage isn't a pull it yourself yard. While I asked for a complete axle assembly, I didn't expect just how complete it would be. I was a bit surprised when one of the workers came over with a forklift holding up an entire Pathfinder rear suspension except the coil springs. I'm not exaggerating - they brought out not only the axle, but all four control arms, the Panhard rod, and the shocks. I may try to recoupe some of this by selling the unneeded parts on eBay.


Can we be related? We need you here. LOL My hubby just slammed his door (the catch doesn't work right so sometimes it takes a few good slams) and the window shattered. We're trying to figure out all the other stuff (the sliding door doesn't open an the driver's seat needs to be replaced) too.
Ah, car repairs...so much excitement, so little time to accomplish them all.

At the moment, the '97 Cavalier is still running, but its days are numbered, I fear.

One would think by replacing most of the components already, it would run better than it did new, but suffice to say logic and reason has no bearing on reality in the used car realm.
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