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Sunday, November 12, 2006


And I thought the Nissan had given me a bad day last week.

Sometimes something shows up on the Internet that makes me count my blessings even after a hard day wrenching. Given how much work I've done to the Dart, on the occasions when I need to drop it off for someone else to take care of something, I often need to warn the mechanics about how it won't match the usual specs. For example, when I took it to Goodyear, I warned the mechanic that while a '66 Dart should have reverse threaded lugnuts on the driver's side, this one doesn't. (And if it were stock, I'd probably want to warn the mechanics about the reverse threading.) And if I ever decided to take it to a brake shop for a routine brake job instead of doing that myself, I'd probably have to spend ten minutes explaining the origin of the brakes on the car, since the correct parts for a stock '66 Dart are definitely not the right ones to use on mine.

Well, it seems that a Lotus Elise is one of those cars that requires a few special instructions - even more than my Dart, it seems. An Elise owner who goes by the nom de net of qball dropped his Lotus off at a Goodyear tire shop to have some new tires put on, and the mechanics, well dropped it off too. It seems they're rather tricky to balance on a lift. The owner posted this thread and a collection of pictures to document the disaster. Now it's been declared a total loss.

(Found via this thread on the Grassroots Motorsports forum.)


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