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Sunday, November 05, 2006


Eye candy time!

My friend Jay invited me to come see the car show at Summit Racing yesterday. As it was a Camaro and Firebird show, I decided against bringing the Dart, but when I got there, I found I definitely wouldn't have been the only entrant without an F-body. Here are some pictures I took.

Purple first generation Camaro Pinstripes

Since it's an F-body show, I'll lead off with a picture of a first generation Camaro with a very shiny and very purple paint job. Check out its pinstriping. And I like the choice of wheels, too - large without being overdone.

Street rods

A Chevy coupe parked next to a '50 Ford... only the '50 Ford is not a 1950 at all, but a kit car based on a late model Thunderbird.

Don't want to pop the hood to show off your old school Ford V8? Plastic windows to the rescue!

Mustang Twister 1957 VW Bug Shoebox Nova wagon An old street rod pickup

Various cars that showed up, including a one of 96 1970 Mustang Twister (Yes, the Twister name appeared on Mustangs as well as Dusters! It was a rare option only sold in Kansas.) and a 1957 oval-window Volkswagen with some very shiny Porsche alloy wheels.

A real life version of the Canyonero

If you want to take nine of your best friends mudding...

A Citroen SMThe Citroen's engine compartment

You don't see too many French cars at a typical American cruise-in, but somebody brought a Citroen SM. Note the backwards-mounted Maseratti V6 engine under the hood, and all the gear needed to drive the hydropneumatic suspension.

The only prewar Ford at the show not to have a Chevy V8 under the hood. Check out the spark plug "wires" on that flathead four. They're just strips of bare copper sheet metal. I'm pretty sure that's the original design. Scary, isn't it?

Pro Street lives on. There were two Camaros there with massive blowers and huge rear tires.

Turbo Trans Am Pontiac 301 Turbo

Here's a very clean and well kept Turbo Trans Am to finish this mini gallery.


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