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Saturday, December 23, 2006


"It's like I have a brand-new car!"

That was Kelly's impression on driving the Nissan Pathfinder now. It looks like we've fixed the rear suspension issues for good. I took it to Autofab Motorsports (they're right next door to where I work) and they replaced the rear lower control arm bushings with brand new polyurethane bushings. Not only are these a change of material, the design is a bit different, too. Put them next to stock Nissan bushings, and the effect is like having a 2 x 4 next to a Popsicle stick.

I've been pretty impressed with the results. The Pathfinder doesn't fishtail, pull to one side under power, shake, or do that lurch it did when shifting gears under power. And it doesn't seem to have made the suspension any harsher, either - a common complaint with poly bushings. Looks like I've got it cured.


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