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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Really useful little online tool

I've seen a few turbo companies that have pages that calculate which one of their product line best fits your engine. Well, I've just found a page that does one better: It can calculate which junkyard turbo best fits your engine, as well as aftermarket ones. You can find it at The Squirrel Performacne Group's turbo calculator. Pretty impressive. You will have to know some details about the turbo, as it goes by turbo model and not car model. The objective is to get the red line to run through the "island" where the turbo is most efficient.

It also tells me that the TE04 on my Dart is way too small.

Hi Madscientist Matt,

We've bumped into each other at AAW before. If I come at a Dutch site where I know some guys who love to look at engines of anything from planes to trains, I will send them to your site and hope you like it.
I have started blogging too and I found a site where you can find a discussion about technical studies (link on my site), that these should give more attention to creative skills and other knowledge. I'm curious about your opinion.
I wish you good holidays.

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