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Friday, March 16, 2007


I think I need a radiator for my credit card...

Like I said, the guys at AutoFab managed to talk me into getting a couple other parts and out of a few corners I had been planning to cut. One thing is that I'm going to be going with a trunk mounted battery in a Moroso NHRA approved box to make some room under the hood. Things were getting crowded there, and putting the battery elsewhere will make room for a lot of changes.

But the biggest thing they've talked me into changing is the turbo and manifold - which, by the way, will remove the last trace of the turbo setup I bought from the
SlantSix.Org turbo article. The turbo I have is way undersized and seems to be holding the engine back above 3,000 RPM. I may be erring in the opposite direction this time. While I did cheap out a little bit by staying with journal bearings instead of ball bearings, I'm going with a brand new Garrett GT40 from Advanced Tuning Products. It'll be mounted to a stock exhaust manifold on a J-pipe, and I'm getting a genuine Tial external wastegate (no knock-offs here) for boost control.

Some people have commented that this turbo is a bit over the top. But I did a lot of fiddling around with the Squirrel Performance Group Turbo Calculator and similar estimates before ordering, and I've calculated this one should be one of the most efficient choices even at low boost. And if I decide to explore the limits of my 2.5 bar MAP sensor (21 psi of boost), the GT40 can take me there.


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