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Saturday, April 07, 2007


Pictures of my new exhaust manifold

As some of the pictures before show, I needed a new manifold for the Dart. I figured I could find one in a local junkyard, but it's a bit of work to pull one and it's hard to check one for cracks until it's off the head. So I thought my best option would be to order a brand new reproduction exhaust manifold from 1A Auto. Now that the manifold's here, I'm almost starting to wonder if I should have used a junkyard piece. It's OK, but not quite what I'd hoped for.

1A held up the shipping for a day because I'd entered a year their computers did not say the manifold will fit. Well, this manifold fits all slant sixes, even though it's most closely based on the 1980s version. I'm saying that because it has the later style heat flap and an oxygen sensor fitting (although with my turbo, it would be a better spot for an EGT probe). So I had that straightened out before it would ship. I appreciate a company checking to be sure my parts are the right ones, but I'd rather they get the checking done correctly.

While they did seem to make an effort to reinforce the manifold, the casting quality is not the best. There's casting flash everywhere, some of the sections are misaligned, and it looks like there's a bit of casting sprue on the headpipe flange. Here are some pictures of it from before I took an angle grinder to it to remove the flash and the choke tower (which just gets in the way on an injected motor).


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