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Saturday, April 07, 2007


Stone Mountain Cool Car Festival: Novas

I went to the Stone Mountain Cool Car Festival last week, and took a lot of pictures. I'll be posting these throughout the next week; there's just too many images for one post. I'll start this with a collection of Chevy Novas, because my wife Kelly is fond of them. These four here are a collection of her favorite body style of Nova.

Although it's not Kelly's favorite year, this one that Year One brought along really stood out. When I looked under the hood, my first thought was that they'd put an LS1 in it. After all, it wasn an injected motor with that distinctive coil-per-plug ignition. That would have stood out on its own, as most of the injected cars there were either modern Mustangs or PT Cruisers. But something didn't look right. The engine was too large for an LS1, and the intake had paired ports. I took a closer look, and realized it was an injected big block Chevy fitted with an LS1 ignition!

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