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Saturday, May 19, 2007


Famous cars from Hot Rod Magazine: Where are they now?

When I saw a gunmetal gray '66 Charger show up at the Stone Mountain Cool Car Festival (yes, I'm still posting my stash of pictures from there!), I thought it looked familiar. Sure enough, it was none other than Steven Strope's project car, Skully. This car was named one of the top ten hot rods of the year when it came out.

Skully Skully's famous pinstripesThe engine compartment

I noticed the current owner has made a few changes. It's now rolling on smaller Torque-Thrusts instead of the large billet wheels, and I've noticed a bit of chrome creeping into the engine compartment. I really liked it better the other way, as the wheels and Pure Vision's chrome-free engine details were really two of the things that set it apart. However, you'll notice Skully still has her trademark pinstripes, and the air conditioning is definitely an improvement.


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