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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


The Great Gas Lout

It's starting to become an annual tradition. Gas prices go up in the spring, and somebody starts circulating a hairbrained idea on how to coax them back down. Some of them have shown a perverse sort of creativity in how the author thinks it might be possible to lower gas prices without actually, well, using less gas. Some past versions have included only buying from one company, or buying just a gallon or so at a time. The "Buy only from one company" at least had some sort of semi-rational justification, while the idea behind buying in smaller quantities left me completely perplexed as to how anyone thought it would do anything.

This year, I see the bad ideas are back to the basics, a call for not buying gas on one specific day, presumably just either buying the same amount of gas a day earlier or later. Still a worthless idea. The only way to spend less on gas is to use less gas.

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