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Saturday, May 12, 2007


More Stone Mountain Cool Car Festiva pictures

Classic hot rod Small block Chevy

Yes, I've got a lot more pictures from the Cool Car Festival stashed away for slow days. Normally I'm not very big on the '32 Ford with a Chevy smallblock. Sure, the Mouse is a pretty good option for cheap power. But this combination has become something of a cliche. Sometimes I just want to see somebody commit an act of steel blasphemy and show up with a '32 Ford with a Nissan SR20DET powering it just so it won't be the same as what everyone else has.

Then sometimes I see a car that reminds me of what this combination is all about. In spite of a few modern touches like an electric fan, this is one of the orginals, the cars that the me-too street rods are immitating. The builder did this swap in the '50s, back when a smallblock Chevy was new and exotic rather than something anybody can find by the dozen at Pull-A-Part. Now it's restored and out cruising the streets again.


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