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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Just plain weird issue with the Dart's turbo

One thing that had held up work on the Dart was that the turbo, advertised as having a divided T4 flange, wouldn't fit the undivided T4 flange I had. So we thought the divided flange must be a little different when it came to bolt pattern.

Wayne tried to attach the GT40 to the new divided flange we'd been setting up today, only to find that this flange didn't fit either. Finally, after a call to ATP, we found out the truth. And sometimes truth doesn't make sense. Although Garrett's own description of the GT4082 says it has a T4 flange, its turbine flange is really a little different from the standard T4. And what's even stranger, the GT4082 is the only GT40 to have this slightly different flange. The rest of them are standard T4 flanges!

So we're hogging the bolt holes on the turbo out to make it fit the flange that Garrett's own spec sheet says it fits. You'd have thought Garrett would have known better. For a company with their reputation, that's pretty bad.


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