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Sunday, July 01, 2007


More work in progress shots of the Dart

Here is another round of shots of the Dart. Wayne at AutoFAB has welded up a downpipe that will hook up to the current exhaust, and gives us a few options for running some larger pipes later. He's designed it so that it will be easy to remove the downpipe as an assembly, too.

The current charge pipe plans are to move the throttle body up and rotate it 180 degrees so I can bring the charge pipe over the valve cover, simplifying the intercooler plumbing a bit. Speaking of charge pipe, I have worked out a sponsor deal with Spectre Performance for some charge pipe parts. I'll be using their new line of aluminum modular intake parts and filters. You can see one of their elbows on the turbo inlet; it will go to a Spectre cone filter inside the fenderwell. They're pretty sturdy, and for the miter bends I noticed they took care to keep the welds on the outside.

One other note is that with the flex joint in the turbine inlet plumbing, we're going to try solidly mounting the turbo to the inner fender. We'll see how this works out.


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