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Friday, October 19, 2007


One thumb down for a vendor: Books4Cars.com

Ok, so some of my longtime readers may have wondered if I've sold out recently, with Spectre sponsoring my intake plumbing, and my taking a job in the automotive aftermarket. A lot of my earlier posts were backyard tech, and now a lot of it has just been, "I bought this part from such and such, and it's a good part." Worried that my blog is becoming like an ad-driven magazine that always praises the products in its stories?

Well, now I have a vendor to complain about: Books4Cars.com.

I was shopping for a Corvette factory service manual, and their website had the factory service manual for about $20 less than Corvette restoration houses. So I decided to order from them. After my order, I received a note that it was out of stock and they'd get another order in soon. Ok, that's not too bad; they were pretty prompt about it.

I emailed them checking up on the order, and they didn't respond, even after two emails. I can understand losing an email, but I was kind of disappointed they didn't answer. Then, the book shows up - and it's not a new one, but a well-worn example from a dealership. Now, the Books4Cars website does say, "Some publications may be used." But they don't have the decency to tell you which books they stock are used and which aren't, and guessing by the price, I was expecting they'd just picked up some new manuals at some kind of volume discount, rather than a used manual at a nearly new price.

To their credit, they didn't charge my card until they had the book, and the book is servicable. But I wish they'd tell you whether you're getting a new or a used book before you order.


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