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Sunday, October 07, 2007


Somebody finally brought one to the $2007 Challenge.

I knew something interesting was going to happen when I saw a group of guys in hockey uniforms gathered around an enclosed trailer. One of them, who also sported a mullet wig, a painted on moustache, and retro sunglasses, was using a PA system to announce what he promised to be the most spectacular car ever brought to a Grassroots Motorsports Challenge.
The doors opened, revealing that they had a smoke machine inside the trailer. I could just make out a pair of headlights through the smoke, and the sound of a V8 engine firing up. But then I saw the badge on the front of the car, and I couldn't believe my eyes.

Sure enough, it wasn't a car that rolled out of the trailer. It was a Zamboni ice resurfacer on race tires!

There's been a long-standing rule in the GRM Challenge that you can bring a Zamboni. It's kind of been an inside joke. But until this year, nobody had ever taken them up on this. And I hadn't expected them to take it to this level...

Not only did they bring a Zamboni, but the upper part of the ice tank lifted off, revealing that there was a race car on Zamboni frame rails, with Miata suspension front and rear, and nitrous 5.0 power in between. Wow. Engine problems kept it from running in the autocross until it had been rained out, so they put in a run on the slick pavement just to get a time. Good call.

There's a Challenge video on YouTube that starts with the Zamboni introduction.


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