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Sunday, October 07, 2007


The Yugo did not make it.,.

I think we might have overwound that key.

Seriously, the short version is that after trying two different Megasquirts and two different intakes, we tried to put it back to the original Motronic engine management system. While that did get it started, the Yugo belched steam out the exhaust and wouldn't run well. It looked as if it had blown a head gasket. And this was at 4:45 PM the day of the Challenge. We decided to call it quits and head on down without the Yugo. Just for giggles (and because Paul and I thought we might leave the Challenge at different times or in different directions), we put my Corvette on the trailer and towed it down with Paul's truck. Had a lot of people think that the Corvette was an entrant.


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