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Saturday, November 17, 2007


Slant sixes on YouTube

Slant six racer Tom Drake (known as Turboslant6 on YouTube) has uploaded a few videos of slant six racing on YouTube. Most of them are of his turbocharged, alchohol burning Simca, including a video of the world's fastest slant six drag pass today. Yep, that was running high 9's in the quarter. Other videos include the Simca versus a '66 Dart (appears to be an 1/8 mile race), an in-car 1/8 mile video of his best 1/8 mile pass,, and another in-car 1/8 mile video. What's really amazing is that the engine uses the stock crank, pistons, and rods - he's achieved these results from a combination of octane, boost, and light weight.

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