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Monday, November 12, 2007


Well, that's a bit better

When working on the AC, the mechanics at AutoFab noticed I had a problem with the serpentine belt tensioner, so they replaced it. The results took me by surprise. The Corvette had always rattled a lot. I figured that was because it's a 20 year old car, and Corvettes have both a harsh ride and lots of plastic. So I didn't think much of it. Well, replacing the tensioner's just about cut the interior noise in half. Since the sound seemed to be everywhere (and there are little sources of noise just about everywhere in that car), I had expected this to be a lot harder to quiet down the car. I didn't think one replacement would make so much difference.

I also swapped out the steering wheel this weekend for a reproduction I'd picked up on eBay. That takes care of the most beat up feeling bit of the interior. It's pretty simple to remove the steering wheel on a Corvette, but only if you have the right tool, a steering wheel puller. Luckily you can get a serviceable puller for around $12. I have pulled the steering wheel in the Spitfire without one, but in the Corvette it was stuck on there too hard.

Now I just need to deal with that pesky left headlight. It's stuck in the down position again, apparently an electrical glitch. At least now it's staying down, which will make it easier to troubleshoot. There's nothing more irritating than trying to troubleshoot an electrical problem that comes and goes - and is usually gone when you have a voltmeter handy.


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