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Monday, December 10, 2007


And I can't seem to find my camera...

I've just gotten back from the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) trade show in Orlando. Unfortunately I haven't unpacked my camera yet, since I was there with DIYAutotune and my personal and business luggage got a bit mixed up. Yes, you heard that right - I was there representing Megasquirt at PRI, along with Jerry and Justin. Well, technically, we were actually representing Dynapack by providing the demonstration car for their dyno exhibit, but Dynapack also let us set up a table with Megasquirts on display.

So, what was going on at PRI? Here's some things I noticed:

1. A lot of the show, perhaps as much as half of it if you don't count the machinery and trailer exhibits, was dedicated to circle track racing. Most of the other cars were drag machines or road racers, with a handful of other types of cars such as a Bonneville racer. The Miata was one of maybe three autocross cars there.

2. There was a surprising number of diesel performance exhibits, including a compound turbo on display and a semi truck built for road racing.

3. A surprising number of people at the show had already heard of Megasquirt and used it.

4. If a lot of people fly into town for an exhibit about racing, it's really bad news for car rental companies.

5. I got to talk with Garrett's technical staff. They didn't think the GT4082 turbo was all that crazy for a slant six - maybe a bit large for the 400 hp range, but not an unspoolable beast, either. We'll see.

6. Conference food is really overpriced.

Pictures will be up soon.

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