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Saturday, December 01, 2007


Needed new tools

I was going to do a bunch of tune up items on the Corvette today - oil change, new plugs, new distributor cap and rotor, new plug wires, etc. However, when I was getting ready to remove the access cover over the distributor, I saw it was held on with Torx bolts. In fact, it seems like half the C4 Corvette is held together with Torx fasteners, and I don't have any Torx drivers. So I had to settle for just an oil change, and picked up a set of Torx drivers at Sears later today.

By the way, putting a C4 Corvette on jackstands is also quite a challenge. GM seems to have designed this car to be serviced on a lift, and not in a home garage (well, except for some very well equipped home setups). You shouldn't support a C4 by its floor pan, and it's nearly impossible to drive it up normal rampstands. There's two triangular jacking pads that make a good point for a jack, but then there's no spot for the jackstand. I ended up lifting it with a jack high enough to set the tire down on the ramp. Not pretty, but it worked.


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