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Monday, December 10, 2007


Wondering where the Mopar A-body Konis have gone?

I've sometimes seen people talking about running Koni shocks on their Darts or Barracudas in road racing and autocross applications, and talking about how well they worked. But I've never been able to find a set for sale. So I asked at the PRI booth what had happened. I wasn't all that surprised to find they'd been discontinued, and I was quite impressed that the representative knew that without having to look it up. He mentioned there were two ways you could get a set, though - find a used set and have Koni rebuild them, or go with their drag shocks (which are still available) and have them custom valved. Not always cheap, but it's what to do if you want Konis on a Dodge Dart...

Not surprisingly, he didn't exactly think the off road truck shock swap idea I covered earlier was ideal, although he mentioned some less high end shock companies have actually been doing somthing a lot like this. Konis are valved for the specific application, and a Rancho off road truck shock might not be exactly the right thing on a car that weighs 1000 lbs lighter. (Although it still may be better than the stock shocks from what I've heard.)

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