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Saturday, January 26, 2008


IMS Motorcycle Show pictures

I went to the IMS motorcycle show in Atlanta, along with my wife Kelly, my brother Philip, and my sister-in-law Amanda. We brought back a few pictures, and as usual, I'm posting them a bit belatedly. But here's a few pictures from the show. Enjoy!

Amanda checks out a Yamaha TW200. For an itty bitty bike, it's got some really big tires. It was, however, taller than what Kelly would have prefferred.

Philip checks out a BMW sport bike. You can't see very much of the bike in this picture. That's probably just as well. BMW has been letting their bike stylists smoke whatever was in Chris Bangle's stash. They've also gone on a big assymetrical styling kick.

That's me on a Yamaha FJR. This one feels like it would make a great bike for long distance riding; it's very comfortable. Not like I could afford one right now, though.

Another Yamaha - this one's their new WR250R motard. Looks like it would be a fun commuter bike, or for just horsing around on back roads. Particularly ones with broken pavement. I'm just not sure how the pricing will go over with American buyers -something around the lines of $6,000 for a small bike. Still, it's an aweful lot of small bike, with a lot of high tech stuff packed into it. Seems like this bike makes sense if you want to flog your bike like a Roman charioteer without breaking the law too much.

Kelly really liked this little C3 scooter. Too bad it's not really able to keep up with traffic around here.

Kelly tries on a full faced motorcycle helmet for the very first time. This is a Scorpion EXO400, like mine but with graphics and, of course, in a smaller size. I also talked with a Scorpion rep and got him to explain what the vents actually do. They apparently circulate air inside the line to wick away sweat rather than directing the air to your skin. No wonder I couldn't feel them. I'm still not sure they do much of anything, but that does clear up a few things.

Here's an old school chopped Harley Sportster with a suicide clutch and wrapped headers. It looks a lot meaner than many of the bigger bikes. But with its low pipes and the shocks replaced with billet aluminum bar stock to make it a hardtail (why? Billet looks so out of place on this one...), I wouldn't want to ride it on the street.


Fun show, it gave me goals to save for. As much as I like the new Ninjette, I really liked that Beemer and the ZZR600.. or maybe it'll be the 650R... or maybe I just want a barn full of bikes.
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