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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


A fairly minor setback

On occasion, I've been lending AutoFab a hand with some of the cars ahead of the Dart. Yesterday, they ran into a bit of a problem with a project with a Megasquirt installation on a Dinan BMW M6 (yes, you read that right). They were using monster 750 cc/min low impedance injectors, and concluded it needed the Hi-Res code. Trouble is, this code keeps Megasquirt from being able to limit the injector current, so they needed an injector resistor pack and couldn't whistle one up on short enough notice. So I let them transplant the Dart's injector resistor onto the Dinan M6, leaving the Dart's current V2.2 ECU unable to run the injectors on there until I can find a replacement.

Except that, given where I work, it makes a bit more sense to whistle up a different ECU out of our small collection of unsellable units than to go and hunt down a resistor pack. I'll need a V3.0 or higher unit to get that crank trigger working anyway.


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