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Saturday, February 02, 2008


More parts for the Dart

So today I ran down to Summit Racing Equipment and picked up a pair of Flex-A-Lite fans for the Dart. I decided to go with two of their pancake fans since there's so little clearance between the pulley and the radiator. These are some of their smaller ones, 2 5/8" thick. I also noticed from their catalog that Honda Civic fans are about that thin, which may be a solution for low buck projects that don't have enough engine compartment room. Too bad the Taurus fan I picked up earlier didn't fit; these are a pretty popular fan for people who want a lot of airflow and want it cheap. Flex-A-Lites aren't exactly cheap, although for the money you get American made parts and not something outsourced to the People's Republic of China.

I'll post the part numbers once I'm able to confirm they do, in fact, fit.


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