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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Dart progress: New intake elbow

So I went to Suwanee Welding today and picked up the intake elbow. They charged $50 for an hour's worth of work, and the quality of work was pretty good. So the end result came to pretty much what you'd pay for an Edelbrock cast intake elbow, but it's just right for my engine even if I didn't save money. The cast elbow I had the flanges welded to cost nearly $50 itself.

After work, I went and started mocking up the intercooler piping. I think I now have a pretty good idea how I'll route it. Things were easier when I removed the horns. I'll put them back in, though - I like having the original horns on my Dart and they still sound great. Just have to find a new location for them.

Pictures will be up soon.


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