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Thursday, May 01, 2008


Some cool junkyard EFI parts

Originally something I'd posted on the Car Junkie TV forums, but I thought this would make a good general purpose post too. Here's a couple of tips about good EFI parts to grab in a junkyard for your own project.

1. Turbo cars often have pretty large fuel injectors. My Dart has injectors from a 3rd generation Toyota Supra Turbo; they're 440 cc/min, or 42 lb/hr. Turbo Eclipses have similarly large injectors. The trouble with both is that they use weird mounting hardware and connectors; they won't drop right onto a Chevy TPI.

2. Ford 2 valve 4.6's not only come with good-sized (65 mm) throttle bodies, they put them on an elbow that makes adapting them to a carbed manifold easier. The Mustangs have little short elbows that are really good for this. Crown Vic elbows are taller and you'd probably need to cut one down and weld it to make it work for most applications. That was the case on my Dart's slant six turbo project, which uses a Crown Vic throttle body and originally used the CV elbow too.

3. Late '80s / early '90s Ford full sized trucks have an external high pressure fuel pump that's good for moderate EFI applications.

4. Chrysler distributorless coils from the late '90s are pretty hot, meeting almost exactly the same specs as Ford's EDIS coils. In fact, Ford of Australia used Mopar coils on their EDIS setups. Only the towers on Ma Mopar's coils accept plug wires with HEI boots, making them much easier to get plug wires for. LSx and '90s DSM coils are also pretty hot distributorless coil setups.


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