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Thursday, June 26, 2008


I know some of my readers aren't going to like this...

But when I picked out a replacement for the Corvette, I ended up chosing a '95 Honda Civic. I got a low mileage one at a price I couldn't pass up. This car's the right tool for the job, when the job is getting me to work 40 miles and back.

Will this Civic end up modified? You've probably noticed my daily drivers usually don't have mods on them, but I may have to do something to compensate for the shock of going from a Corvette to a Civic. The first area I hit may be, believe it or not, the suspension. Sure, it's lighter than a Corvette and in some ways seems to react more quickly. But it also feels mushy and has a huge amount of body roll compared to the Corvette. Perhaps some good shocks and sway bars will clean that up.

Sometime down the line, I may need to do something about the drawback it has that Civics are so noted for, not making any torque. But on a Civic, torque's a lot more expensive than handling...


It doesn't exist without pics! Oh, wait, wrong site... ;)
Also, you know it's the #1 car for being stolen?
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