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Saturday, June 28, 2008


A rather crazy flat tire story

It turns out the Civic had one surprise in it. I suspect it's the fault of the dealership that sold the car to the previous owner - the previous owner and I had speculated that the Civic may have been water damaged as it had new carpeting and a lot of interior shampooing done to it. But it's in good mechanical shape so I'm not worried about the water damage and it looks to have been professionally repaired for the most part. Except this.

I had a flat tire on the way home from work yesterday. That would normally have been pretty routine, but when I pulled over I found out that the Civic's jack was missing. The tire iron was there although badly rusted like it had been sitting underwater. So I called my wife and asked if she could bring the floor jack. A helpful couple pulled over in a Bronco to help, but they had a truck jack that couldn't go under the Honda.

Once my wife arrived, I got the flat tire off, only to find out that the spare tire was on a five lug wheel and the Honda's wheels are four lug. Looks like a dealer had the spare tire either go missing or get badly rusted, and grabbed a random spare tire to cover things up.


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