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Monday, May 25, 2009


A Memorial Day post

Because this blog is mostly about automotive technology and the like, I'd like to open my post with this video:

This is a prototype of the Ripsaw MS1 combat robot, which I found out about via Popular Science. Will gun-toting robots replace human soldiers soon?

Not really. The Ripsaw is what's called a force multiplier. It's there to help soldiers, but it can't fully take their place. There's a need for somebody to control the Ripsaw and tell it what is and isn't a legitimate target. A Ripsaw can't fight insurgents house to house and leave the houses standing. It may have artificial intelligence, but that's not going to be a substitute for human intelligence. There's still going to be a need for American soldiers to put their life on the line defending her safety. And to those soldiers, I would like to acknowledge my debt of gratitude. Valor and courage are not obsolete.

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