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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Sounds like my kind of car show...

The latest issue of Hot Rod arrived today, and they mentioned a car show that would actually be an appropriate place to show off my Dodge. No, not the Dart... the D50.

Concours d'Lemons

Well, there is one thing about it that would make it less than an appropriate place, and that's that my D50 probably couldn't be trusted to make it all the way to California. I'm not sure if I should enter it in the "Soul-Sucking Japanese Appliance, 1970-current" or "Rust Belt American Junk, '64-current" category - or it might have a shot at "Most Effluent," awarded to the entrant that pollutes the most. Seriously, these are real categories in the show - the complete list of categories has to be seen to be believed. Some of the other classes include cars that have been kicked out of other shows, a category for cars from Malcom Bricklin's many failed efforts at importing things that didn't fit American tastes, bizarre special edition cars (it appears that counterfeiting even weirder special editions that never existed is encouraged), and a class specifically for all K-car based vehicles.

Maybe they'll have one closer to Georgia if this is a success - the same guys' 24 Hours of LeMons has inspired a nationwide series.

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I like the "Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Medal for Most Glorious Achievement in Transportative Advancement for Use Upon Billiard-Smooth Highways as Are Uniformly to Be Found Inside Workers' Paradise" Award. So concise.
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