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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Starting on a trunk mounted battery

I've been having trouble finding time to work on the turbocharged Dodge Dart - things have been very busy at work as we were getting ready for the PRI trade show. (Which reminds me - I have pictures of that I need to post.) Today after work I found I had some time to wrench on the car, but it didn't feel like I had enough time to pick up a socket for the steering box to get it back on. I'd unscrewed the nut with a giant set of Channel-Locks, but wanted to use a proper socket for putting it back in place. So finishing that wasn't the best choice.

When a task looks overwhelming, often it helps to go over the individual, non overwhelming steps, and pick one thing you can do with what you have available right now. I decided I could mount up the trunk mounted battery box. The Moroso box I have mounts with bolts through the bottom of the box, but oddly enough, it wasn't drilled at the bottom of the box. You have to drill it yourself. I picked a spot over the right rear wheel and drilled both the box and the floor for the mounting bolts. Next step will be to get a battery and wire it in, probably an Optima red top. While I do the wiring, I'll plan it so I will be able to install a kill switch, but initially I will probably leave that out so I can get this running. Now that I've found that RTE Engineering has an option of converting a factory ammeter to a volt meter, I'm planning on going that route. Ammeter bypasses are pretty popular in the Mopar world (sometimes for good reasons and sometimes for bad ones), but I really don't like leaving a gauge that is just dead and sitting there.


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