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Sunday, August 27, 2006


Where are they now?

I just wanted to do a round-up of various ideas that I had kicked around on this blog but not talked about very much lately, in case my regular readers were wondering what came of them.

1. Making and selling polyurethane motor mounts for early A-bodies. While I was tring to figure out what to do about a few rules the local government has for home-based businesses, Imperial Services announced that they were going to put these into production. Since I was mostly interested in filling a gap in the parts available, I haven't pursued this any further.

2. The possibility of a Mitsubishi-based Challenge car is on hold until I land a job. But I have found a rear wheel drive Colt that may be a possibility - if they haven't junked it by the time I have found a job.

3. My wife still wants a Volvo 240 wagon, so I've got my eyes open for one. But not a Challenge one - we've decided that if we buy one it will be the cleanest one we can find.

4. The Focus is still doing regular commuter duty, but since I'm out of work, my wife has been driving it instead of the Nissan. Still need to fix the shaking on the Nissan; I'm starting to suspect it is the rear axle.

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